Users & Books Application

User Story

  1.  User must be signed up with email and password to use this application
  2. User must need right email and password to access the book resource.
  3. User can change password after sign in but must provide current password and the new password.
  4. User once log out than must use new password to sign in not old password
  5. As a sign in user will have access to book recourses
    – User can list all the book
    – User can list only particular book title
    – User can create new book in book recourse
    – User can update the title of book if the user created that book
    – User can delete the book if the user created that book to be deleted.
    – User will be denied by the application for the following operation
    1) If user tries to delete other users book
    2) If user tries to update other users book
  6. User once log out had to log back in to make changes to book resources.

Application Wireframe